Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Golden Tower - Sevilla

The “Torre de Oro” Tower of Gold is one of the most easily recognised and photographed historic landmarks in Sevilla and is located in the citys historic centre next to the Guadalquivir river .

The tower was constructed around 1220 by order of Abu Eola, the governor at that time and formed part of the city’s defensive walls and was linked to an octagonal tower, the Silver Tower ( Torre de Plata ) The copula shaped top of the golden tower was built in 1760.

The tower probably got its name from the gilded ceramic tiles which originally decorated the tower, or maybe from the time when Gold was unloaded here during the time when Sevilla was a major player in world trade.

It is used today as a navel museum with a really impressive collection relating to the city’s rich naval past.