Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Noche de San Juan - One of Spain`s best beach parties

Spain´s beaches where full again last night with excited families enjoying a night of fun for the Noche de San Juan, one of Spain`s best loved summer beach festivals.

This ancient pagan festival pays tribute to the summer solstice, and was named after  John The Baptist  and dates back over 5000 . Although not on the mainstream Spanish fiesta calendar it is one of the most celebrated nights in the whole year.

The Noche de San Juan is  a chance for everyone of all nationalities,  young and old, families, visitors and tourists alike to get together in a relaxed atmosphere en enjoy each others friendly company. Bonfires are made, big and small, beach parties are arranged, dancing and fun is had by all, barbeques are lovingly prepared  and lit and the smell of fish and meat waft along the coastline tempting passers by to enjoy the fun and try some a plate of fresh sardines or perhaps marinated pork on skewers ( Brochetas ).

The noche de San Juan is celebrated on the night of the 23rd June all over Spain,  and it is believed that being close to the fires will purify you from any misdeeds that have occurred during the year leaving you free for the coming year of any burdens.
Traditional  requires that you jump over the fire three times to be purified, this is mostly left to the younger generation who revel in clearing the burning embers and landing safely on the sand the other side, great fun to watch.

Most town halls, specially those located along in the popular tourism resorts will also put on extra activities such as live music and fantastic firework displays which usually commence around mid night.

The Noche de San Juan is a fun filled Spanish fiesta which all family members can enjoy. 

Thursday, 29 May 2014

The best June fiestas in Spain

The analogy comparing the month of June with Christmas is very appropriate where Spain is concerned. Both Andalusia and Catalonia have a lot going on and while Madrid and its environs might be sweltering in heat, Barcelona and all of Catalonia provide all the trappings of a beautiful party. Some of the Spain fiestas on offer during this month include the San Juan, Grec  Performance Arts, Barcelona's  Sonar festival, the gay parade, as well as Granada's ham and water festival.

Noche de San Juan
If your into an all night beach party then the annual San Juan fiesta are for you.  It is held on the 24th June each year up and down the coastal areas of Spain most notably in Andalucia where the warm temperature makes for a  perfect all night party. This ancient pagan fiesta is now legendary for its all night long  party beach party of music, dance and fun is had by all.  The night is all about fire and water and it where young and old congregate to build fires and enjoy the shortest night of the year. According to tradition to be cleansed and purified you musts jump over the fires three times.

Grec Performance Arts
Theater, dance, circus, and music all get a life of their own in the month of June in Barcelona during the Grec  festivals. This June fiesta is the highlight of the summer attractions in Barcelona as well as the annual calendar of the European performing arts. All the shows are organized largely by private sector theater promoters. The festival's name is derived from the venue Greek Theater that was built to host Universal Exhibition's Mount Montju├»c in 1929.

Sonar Music Festival of Barcelona
Some 80,000 visitors each year make it to this prestigious festival to take in the splendor of multimedia arts and concert exhibitions. The main celebrations are held around the Raval District where tourists can visit the Museum of Modern Art and the Contemporary Culture Center. All electronic music lovers will enjoy this immensely as it also draws  in big international acts as well as new underground and experimental artists.

Granada's Ham and Water Festival
Granada has the best ham in this part of the world as well as one of the best fiestas Spain has ever seen. The ham and pure water from the natural springs of Alpujarras provide two key ingredients for celebrating Saint John the Baptist's Day. Water buckets, hose pipes and water guns get blazing at the stroke of midnight. Anyone who crosses the path of water is drenched in an entire day of almost maniac water fights. The night is then celebrated with copious amounts of beer as well as large chunks of ham.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

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