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TheMoveChannel.com is a leading independent overseas property portal that has been helping private owners, agents and developers to buy and sell property since 1999. We cater to our large customer base of both investors and home buyers with the widest selection of Spanish property online. Our listings of apartments, villas and houses in Spain cover all the major hotspots.

Here’s what you can expect from each area:

Southern Spain

The Mediterranean Sea gives South Spain sandy beaches in some of its most popular hotspots, while islands off the coast such as Mallorca remain a firm tourist favourite.

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Northern Spain

North Spain is full of culture. San Sebastien is quiet coastal town in the Basque Country, while Pamplona has been famed for the running of the bulls for years. Lakes and mountains provide landscapes for visitors as diverse as the area’s history.

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Ibiza is a famous holiday destination thanks to its nightlife of hotels, bars and clubs. It is the third largest of the Balearic Islands, which have seen more stable property prices than other inland destinations.

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Mallorca is another of the Balearic Islands, relying mostly on tourism for its income. Millions of olive and almond trees add to the gastronomic culture of the sunny community.

Browse our range of property in Majorca.


Menorca is Majorca’s smaller brother, again offering residents a Mediterranean climate that makes property on the island extremely desirable.

Browse our range of property in Menorca.


Lanzarote is perhaps the most popular member of the Canary Islands, with over 5,000 Brits owning homes. The gorgeous coves and beaches add to the environment’s exotic appeal.

Browse our range of property in Lanzarote.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is officially the Canary Island that houses the most people. Its variety of landscapes, from rocky ravines and green villages to sandy white dunes attract more than 2 million tourists per year, particularly to the warm Southern coasts.

Browse our range of property in Gran Canaria.


The second biggest Canary Island, the Atlantic Ocean gives Fuerteventura a pleasant climate, but the strong winds and expansive plains make this a prime location for windsurfers, ambitious fishermen and adventurous holidaymakers.

Browse our range of property in Fuerteventura.

Costa Blanca

The coastline around Alicante is a popular stretch of Spain, with property in Denia boasting hills and trees, while apartments down on the coast have the sea and the surf. Buy to let opportunities are strong, and seconds houses in demand.

Browse our range of property in Costa Blanca.

Costa Del Sol

Literally, the “Coast of the Sun”, Spain’s Mediterranean coastline is a milder destination that welcomes visitors (particularly holiday homeowners) all year round.

Browse our range of property in Costa Del Sol.

Costa Brava

Catalonia’s Costa has the cultural background of Salvador Dali and Roman ruins, but also its own supply of popular beaches and sunny coastline.

Browse our range of property in Costa Brava.

Costa Calida

This “Warm Coast” is a hit with those who like sailing, windsurfing and other aquatic sports thanks to the hot water that lines the coast of the province of Murcia.

Browse our range of property in Costa Calida.


Murcia’s Mediterranean weather makes it a popular tourist destination, but investment in the area is generating lots of interest in real estate as the newly built Paramount Theme Park plans to open in 2015.

Browse our range of property in Murcia.


Boasting the second highest population in Andalusia, Malaga has historical ruins and a significant heritage, which includes the birthplace of Picasso, to attract foreign property buyers and holidaymakers.

Browse our range of property in Malaga.


Hotels and tennis tournaments define Marbella, a popular destination for both tourists and celebrities. Sean Connery and Antonio Banderas have both owned houses in the town, and TV programmes such as Nip/Tuck cement its image as a place for wealthy visitors.

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