Sunday, 14 November 2010

Skiing in Spain this Winter

Spain is ranked second as the worlds hottest tourist destination and for most visitors its the sun and sand that brings them to the land of passion and not the skiing...until now !!.

The first snow falls on the mountainous regions of Spain are just around the corner and that means one thing ... the ski resorts will be busy preparing to open their doors in the coming weeks to the hundreds of thousands of winter sports enthusiasts preparing to descend on some of best ski resorts in Europe.

For the winter sports and skiing enthusiasts Spain currently offers some 1.000 Kilometers of quality marked trails and slopes situated in over 36 superb ski resorts half of which are proud owners of the Q awards for their quality tourism facilities and services offered. And all this set in a country that is second only to Switzerland with the greatest amount of mountains.

The main skiing regions of Spain are located in Aragon and Catalonian Pyrenees , the Cantabrian, Iberian and Central mountains and the Penibetico mountain range in the south.

The Aragonese and Catalonian Pyrenees in Northern Spain is the home of most of this countries leading ski resorts although the Sierra Nevada located in the heart of Andalucia in Southern Spain ranks amongst one the most popular. Sierra Nevada although the southern most ski resort in Europe has the longest winter season with skiers enjoying snow for almost 5 months a year. There is also a good selection of Ski resorts near Madrid, Galicia, Leon and Cantabria in the north west and La Rioja and Teruel in the mid north.

Please check out our complete guide to sking in Spain where you will find useful information on all the major ski resorts around Spain including resort facilities , updated weather and snow reports.

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